Agile Quality with Reza

1650736178285 Why create documents that no one ever reads and that you don't actually use? A lot of effort just for a certification?

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Am I not enough?


1- I am not enough. 2- I want something, but it is not available for me. 3- I am different. When I go for consulting , I often see the same issues in every team. After my ten years of experience in management consulting, I usually hear three main points in one-on-one meetings with people.

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Das Hauptziel von Qualitätsmanagement ist es, Kundenanforderungen zu bestimmen und diesen gerecht zu werden, sowie dem Kunden einen “value added” zu liefern.

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Agile quality management satisfies your customers and you.


Agile Quality Management can be implemented in your team due to the high maturity level of the management system and the experience in applying agile methods in the development process. For the implementation of an agile quality management system, a local agile quality community needs to be in operation, exchanging knowledge with new aspects of quality management in case of continuous improvement.

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