Agile Quality with Reza

1650736178285 Why create documents that no one ever reads and that you don't actually use? A lot of effort just for a certification?

If you understand the standards and try to map them to the agile frameworks, they are more likely to be accepted by your team. Agile quality management add more value to your business.

Quality audits are less stressful, more interactive, and more enjoyable for everyone on the team.

1649950172149 The ISO Survey of Management System Standard Certifications 2018 shows a negative growth for the number of ISO 9001 certifications in the world during the last 30 years. The total number of ISO 9001 certificates reported by providers taking part in the ISO survey in 2017 and 2018 decreased by -3% on the global scale and by -4% in Germany . Hence, the request of ISO 9001 generally shows a decreasing trend.

1649950532963 Agile quality management is a response to today's requirements of the market. Agile quality management with an agile PDCA-cycle – Agile Plan, Agile Do, Agile Check, Agile Act – is faster and more flexible than classical quality management. Agile quality management is an agile way of working in quality management and at the same time supports the agilization of an organization or company.


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