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Quality management needs agility. We are a German consultancy specialising in supplier audits and offer internal audits and training in the areas of quality, agility and information security management.

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Agile Quality Abdi provides comprehensive support for companies by offering consulting, training, and ISO certifications, including ISMS (Information Security Management Systems), to facilitate the adoption of agile quality management systems and help them achieve their business objectives. — Reza Abdi MBA , DBA, Industrial Engineer

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Dear followers, I participated in this online course by Reza - can recommend it unconditionally! Reza introduces the world of Agile Management in an interesting, substantial and with a good sense of humor. I took away a lot! Agility is a way of thinking 😉.

— Genaration Y: Manuel, Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)

A very exciting and topical subject. in an active and proactive, interesting, very good lecture :).

— Generation Z: Mechanical Engineering Student

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